5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You #LevelUp Your Business

Virtual Assistant anyone? Virtual Assistants (VA) has been around for quite some time and it’s still new to some, considering the questions I receive. Remote work, telecommunications, or working virtually are other keywords you may have heard in reference to virtual assistance. VAs help you with work and life balance, increasing productivity in your business, and ensuring your business practices are aligning with your vision.

The most successful internet entrepreneurs and bloggers have multiple assistants and have realized the success and monetization of their business has increased significantly. Why? You may find DIY or having one person do it all isn’t paying off in the long run. You may have several routine tasks that are time consuming and distracts from productivity and building your income. If you spend your time doing a $10/hr task and you can make $20/hr in something that builds income, you’ve just lost half of your hourly pay by doing something you can outsource. VAs provide the space necessary for you to focus on what matters in your business that ONLY YOU can do. On the other hand, financially success internet entrepreneurs even outsource what they are good at because their time is more valuable elsewhere.

Customer Service – Constantly getting the same questions about your products or services? Shipping tracking information? Emails and calls can become consuming, If that’s the least likely thing you enjoy in your business, you need a Customer Service Virtual Assistant.


Blog Support – An assistant that helps you manage your blog is one of the most sought after VAs. They not only help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they help you meet your content outline deadlines, keep you ahead on your blogs, Setup tools necessary for your blog like google Adwords and Facebook campaigns, edit, copy, ensure your add-ons stay updated. If you need help managing your blog posts and content, driving traffic to your blog, copywriting, repurposing your blog posts on other platforms, or SEO, you need a Blog Support Assistant.


Travel Planning Assistant – Beyond booking your flights, you have someone that is reliable and well versed in travel to give you a world class experience for business and personal travel. They will ensure you have everything you need from keeping you informed of your trip, planning your trip, planning your schedule before, during, and after your stay if needed, and making sure every service, retail shops, and food needs are met. If you travel frequently and aren’t good at follow up and planning, you need a Travel Planning Assistant ASAP.


Bookkeeping Assistant – If follow up for outstanding invoices are what you experience in your business, it’s highly possible, your business policies are in need of review and secondly, having a voice that’s not yours can help manage this problem. Small Businesses don’t mind paying someone to document the way for everything going in and out each transaction in your business. While you keep an eye on things, and it’s still a weakness near tax season, you need a Bookkeeping Assistant.


Graphic Design & Video – We live in a visual marketing age. Not only due to social media, but also for the sake of first impressions on your website that lead to conversion, advertising, and ensuring your business is taken serious, your graphics has to be popping. A Design VA creates cohesive graphics based on your blog or business content. Have you ever looked at blog or business pages, and it’s full of screenshots, fonts in disarray, colors are random? Although there are so many apps, many spend a lot of time in this area for social media, yet it doesn’t pay off if it doesn’t speak to your audience and especially more so if it looks substandard. Reading images or seeing a video is marketing. If your brand isn’t telling a story to your audience and you need a boost in your profits, you need a Design Virtual Assistant.

If every single detail matters in your business, you need one or several virtual assistants. If you are looking to launch, modify your website, or need help with social media graphics or video intros, here is a visual of services offered.

Visual Design specialist to women entrepreneurs

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