3 Women Entrepreneurs That Inspire Me and Why

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As an entrepreneur, there will be mountains and valleys, highs and lows in business. Occasionally you may feel stuck or tired, and even through that, feeling like you haven’t done enough or aren’t doing enough. Social media does have a way of pushing you to those feelings. What do you do when you feel like that? Have a mentor or other entrepreneurs that are consistent and encouraging in their business that no matter what phase you are in, you can find inspiration and encouragement. Here are my favorite three women entrepreneurs.


Tiphani Montgomery at Author, Speaker, Vlogger
Tiphani begin her online presence with a personal blog after being inspired by the income of a parenting blogger.  Nearing 10 years, she’s been progressively building while inspiring a community of emerging and established women entrepreneurs. Her God centered testimony, teachings, Book Club, and straightforward Instagram posts are always a boost from a Christian and humorous standpoint. She’s spoken outside of the US and the Millions Conference offered throughout the year will surely ignite your mindset and strengthen you in strategy. No matter what stage you are in business, visit her website and learn more about her, Kingdom Entrepreneur University, to get unstuck and clarity to grow your business, no matter what it is. I kid you not, the thread count of her wardrobe confirms she is the real deal. Her qualifications speak for itself so be sure to read about page or visit her live streams.


Marianne Manthey, Design Your Own Blog
Where do I start?! I’ve been following Marianne on social media for quite some time. After being frustrated with WordPress templates a few years ago while pursuing another business, her blog was one of the most clear and top websites that displayed in my search. Her blog has helped me so much, yet even more now because what her blog has helped her accomplish. The constant content towards helping other women DIY their own website is the track I’m on now, so it definitely helps to keep me focused. Her website reminds me of why I treasure a more narrow view in my work and I will have a deeper appreciation when it starts to pay off long term. Beyond what her website offers, her lifestyle to relocate to Costa Rica and take her work anywhere is one of the many reasons of why I started this business to begin with. She inspires me to keep going and a reason to get my business life together. Marianne offers helpful guides, design tips, and helps the true solopreneurs tweak their blogs. I’m sure you will find something that will help you with your online platform by visiting her website at DYOB.


Natasha Brown, Brown and Duncan Brand, Speaker, Author
The lady of many hats Natasha Brown. She seems not to skip a beat although she’s leveling up in education right now. She helps aspiring authors write and publish their book while growing their online presence.  Even more than that, she’s such a treasure as a speaker and entrepreneur and has helped each and every client share their stories with the world. I love her gift of encouragement, transparency, and her strength to not only help others heal, but also rewrite their life through sharing their stories. No matter what I’m going through, she’s a lifter of my head with the Word of God through her 10 Blessings podcast. I love that she collaborates with winners in similar and different business. If you don’t know her, you can find more about her via Facebook and Instagram stories. Looking to write a book and don’t know where to start? She will surely get you right in business and strengthen you effortlessly at the same time. Visit:  Brown and Duncan Brand Online or inspiration on YouTube HERE.


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