Five Ways to Increase Business Productivity

One of the best ways  to tell if a business is doing well is not only by profitability, but also by the customer experience and the systems they have in place. To keep a loving relationship with your business, you've got to replace the repetitive tasks with systems or tools. Here is what I mean.

Whether it’s your social media, invoicing system, or e-mailing lists, there’s an app or platform you can use to manage, schedule and auto post your messages. Automation will give you more time to work on things that need your undivided attention and eliminate most routine processes. If it is difficult for you to stay focused during the day or you’re spending too much time replying to emails and social media feeds, look into Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Statusbrew, and for Instagram, Onlypult to free your time.

Reduce Screen Time
With technology having such an impression on our daily lives, it’s very important to turn off your devices for a certain portion of your day. The “Do Not Disturb” feature can be very useful for a planned amount of time to focus on the tasks at hand. Screen Time app is a favorite to limit your time in certain apps and to block times of your day for extra focus.

Batch Processing
Think of a warehouse. Production is increased due to each worker completing the same task over and over. That should be the same when you command and plan your weeks or months in advance. For example, create a set time for email maintenance each day, replying to social media, examining finances, scheduling your content or content planning. For makers, it may be gluing the same pieces together instead of completing one unit at a time. Have days where you take care of batching your business.

Develop a Routine
It starts with the time you set to wake up each work day and commit to it.  Plan the time you awake, schedule your work, self care, batches, errands, and rest. Write it all down and be committed to taking your business schedule serious without distractions. Have a plan for your days.

Begin with the Difficult
Each day, do the thing that you need to do but don’t want to do first. Do the most critical task first as well. Once it’s complete and off your list, you will have a sense of accomplishment early in your day and  give room to clear your thoughts for more. It may not all be critical, yet it’s highly important to knock out the difficult tasks first. Your work days will go a lot smoother.

Please remember to reward yourself when certain things are crossed off your list. Be flexible and adust accordingly, plan the day before, and schedule self care. I repeat, SCHEDULE SELF CARE. You are more important than your business.

Talk to me. Which tip helped you the most?

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