5 Adorable Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Now it’s to the point when you’re in a time crunch for the perfect gift for your entrepreneur boo and might have to get the dreaded roses and chocolate. Well! Let me help you for local and online deals that will work just fine.

1. For The Techie
An echo has been all the rave this year. Voice activation could set the tone for the environment with a song of choice, purchase tings online without a search, connect with your smart TV and lighting in your home in a matter of seconds. It feeds inconvenience.

2. For the Local
Coworking Space is perfect for the entrepreneur that is more productive outside of their living space. Gift them with a month or …. more than a few months at a local office. Rates are flexible too.

3. For The Photog
Every lens matter. Absolutely not!!! But you cannot go wrong with this one for Nikon or Canon.

5. For The Lover of Music
Wireless Headphones with noise cancellation features are amazing. Bose & Sony are top notch.

5. For The Reader
A Few of my favorites that will help every entrepreneur from startup to a full blown business.

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