7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

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Can you believe there are full business owners and entrepreneurs that don’t see a need in having a website? Why do you think that is? I’m sure their opinions are valid for their business, yet I can assure you there are 7+ reasons EVERY. SINGLE. BUSINESS. is in need of a website.


Let’s talk about this. After conversing with a local business owner, she saw no need for a website because she’s been “doing this for years.” I know for a fact, word of mouth helps her gain customers slowly, yet her target market researches online FIRST and can help her even more by gaining customers more frequently. Referrals are a great way to gain customers because of trusted voices, yet, how many more people can she help in her community and outside of her comfort zone? Let’s find out.


1. Online Presence

Simply put, your customers are looking for you. If they weren’t, there would be no need for any online search or business review sites. Whether it’s a product or service, you are one search away from meeting a need or solving a problem to a future customer. Communicate what you do and what problem you solve. It could be that simple, nothing busy and your presence is made known.


2. You Speak Directly To Your Customer

Well. Phone books are a pastime. Most likely, a customer will call a business for pizza. Just kidding. You get my point. Your website is a great way to bring clarity to your customers on what you offer, how you offer a service, where your products are shipped from, & when your business is open. Tell your business story, what problem you solve, and speak to your future customers and relieve them of financial anxiety with one simple step, your website.  Congratulations on being more approachable.


3. You Broaden Your Customer Base

Whether locally, nationally, or globally, your website meets your new customers where they are. Many rely on Facebook pages for business, yet not all of your customers are on Facebook. Search results will display your business website in results and can be more effective or better. Better yet, even if your potential customer is on Facebook, FB Pages don’t always give a full picture of your business. Your website speaks professionalism and represents your business to those around you and out of your area more effectively.


4. Your Business Hours is Multiplied

You have no idea what schedule your customers work or what side of the world they are on correct? While you’re asleep your website can work for you while they are off work looking for you. Congratulations, on providing your future customers an answer to their problem while you focus on the major while your site works on the minor. Your website has now opened the door of you being more approachable before your customer spends a dollar or even meet you for an appointment next week.


5. Being Online Brings Sales

Storefront retail businesses usually make money during business hours. Having a website will greatly benefit them with online sales. Customers shop online 24/7 and wouldn’t you like to have a stake in that monetarily? Have you ever heard “Amazon is taking over?” Well! They’re only online with local warehouses to ship orders around the world. Start thinking of ways, if you haven’t already, what product or service you can offer online to your customers or even have a moderate online store and checkout. Win, win situation.


6. Free Promotion

Not everything is about money. Use your website to share what you’ve done in the community, any events or workshops you have coming up, or even to display you’re an expert in your field by any research or ideas you have to contribute to your field. It will show you’re involved and aware of what’s going on around you, in the world, and in your business field. Easily an expert. With that being said, use your website to make the public aware of what’s new, of discounts, and you have the opportunity to collect email addresses to send customers notes or sales.


7. You Get to Play

Unless you’re on some secret business mission, you already have competition. In order to play in the game, you have to get in the game. A website gives your customers the ability to compare and pay. You get to build their confidence in you because you have set yourself apart by what they see on your website. They found you. They see your business knowledge. They need what your offer. You offer it well. They spend with you. No website, you’re just on the sidelines.


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