5 Misconceptions About Having a Website



You want a website? have goals, dreams, and visions that can only be done online right? You also have may have believed a website is still too much of a hurdle for you to handle or even have right now. Here are a few solutions to misconceptions about having a website.


1. If You Build It They Will Come

I’m sure you’ve heard that statement before, in so many different ways. Well, just because you have a website now or later, that doesn’t mean people will come. Why? Does your audience know you, what you do, and how to find you? Are you giving them quality information to progress their life or progressively sharing our life or business story? If you have the idea of being one search away, Google only works WITH active blogging and service sites. Many are under the impression if they have a website name (domain) and site, their audience will come. Well!?!? How or why will they come? Focus on why they need to come to your site and consistently share it. 🙂


2. Having a Website is Expensive

So…..you want a website and you have a certain look and expectation of technical success. You get a quote and shop around for a web designer and boom, the price range has you shook. It’s highly possible to just stop there and go with a free option that looks … nothing like you thought it would when you hit publish or it may even look substandard. Don’t stop there. There’s other options like ME (let me help you) or DIY.  Remember this, With research limitations are lifted. I once thought templates were everything until I saw web designers without coding experience building professional looking sites in a short time frame. I found a solution that I understood and now I’m here. Your website doesn’t have to be expensive to be presentable to speak to YOUR audience. Don’t believe that and understand DIY still takes strategy.


3. The More, The Better

Unless you’re Amazon Prime or Netflix, it doesn’t take ALL OF THAT to have an appealing website. The effects, words flashing across the screen, videos in the background, popup commercials, and any other fancy stuff you can think of…..it is not necessary. Why? We are in a mobile driven era, that if your site isn’t appealing on a phone or tablet, you just lost one. Keep in mind, mobile BUYERS are at such a higher percentage than those who are on a desktop or laptop computer anyway.  You have only a few seconds to share who you are, what you do, and get buyers attention. Focus on what matters.


4. Your Website Is a Showroom

Believe it or not, a website isn’t just to show you and what you do, it’s about what can you do For THEM. Your audience, your customers, your clients, need to have an ANSWER. Where else can they find a solution from YOU without you sharing it? Try sharing behind the scenes, have a frequently asked questions article, post news from your clients, awards, breaking news in your field, etc. Get creative with information sharing. Content is king, especially more so for search engine optimization.


5. Website Success Is Site Visitors

Millions of site visitors will not determine your website success. You know what does? CONVERSION. What’s conversion? The percentage of your site visitors who completed an action. For example, joining your email list, completing a survey, purchasing a product, completing a contact form at a certain percentage. That’s the true measure of success.  If you have millions of site hits and 30 customers a month, would you calculate that to have a successful website? Not at all, something is off there. Don’t focus on visitors, you can truly devalue yourself by seeing it that way. You’re better than that.

Now if you are looking to launch or modify your website….you know why I’m here. Also, don’t miss out on web and DIY graphic design tips by clicking HERE.


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