Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Now it's to the point when you're in a time crunch for the perfect gift for your entrepreneur boo and might have to get the dreaded roses and chocolate. Well! Let me help you for local and online deals that will work just fine. 1. For The Techie An echo has been all the rave this year. Voice activation could set the tone for the environment with a song

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Here are 10 Free Resources  all business owners could use. You will find these useful along the way.   File Sharing Ever wanted to share a file with someone and it’s too large for an email? Here are two of my favorites: Dropbox:  Can be an online cloud storage or an external hard drive for your files. There’s a free and paid option and an account is required for

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Finding a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant anyone? Virtual Assistants (VA) has been around for quite some time and it’s still new to some, considering the questions I receive. Remote work, telecommunications, or working virtually are other keywords you may have heard in reference to virtual assistance. VAs help you with work and life balance, increasing productivity in your business, and ensuring your business practices

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5 tips pointers before you diy your website. wordpress. squarespace diy website overnight

Okay! You’re ready to just get your website online like yesterday right? Well, would you rather publish your website in excellence or just get it out of the way with losing the ability to capitalize on “first impressions?” It’s very simple to get you started on the right track. Be sure to revisit, Why Your Business Needs a Website and the Misconceptions of Having a Website at a later time.  Let’s

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Myths about a website, misconceptions about publishing a website, need a website. Business goals 2018. wordpress 101, beaver builder website, virtual assistant, tech VA, website designer virtual assistant

Hello! You want a website? have goals, dreams, and visions that can only be done online right? You also have may have believed a website is still too much of a hurdle for you to handle or even have right now. Here are a few solutions to misconceptions about having a website.   1. If You Build It They Will Come I’m sure you’ve heard that statement before, in so many different ways.

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7 Reason your business needs a website. Business goals 2018. wordpress 101, beaver builder website

    Hi Everyone!   Can you believe there are full business owners and entrepreneurs that don’t see a need in having a website? Why do you think that is? I’m sure their opinions are valid for their business, yet I can assure you there are 7+ reasons EVERY. SINGLE. BUSINESS. is in need of a website.   Let’s talk about this. After conversing with a local business

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